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Welcome to Baytown Paving Pros. 

We provide high quality paving repairs and installation in and around the greater Houston, Texas area.

If you have any questions about our paving services, just give us a call or write to us.

We’re friendly!


About Us

Baytown Paving Pros are a locally owned licensed, bonded and insured paving contractors. 

We work exclusively in paving and because we’re a specialized company we can offer the best materials, equipment and building techniques at a reasonable price. 

We offer repairs and complete installations using asphalt and concrete, and we welcome both residential and commercial inquiries in the Baytown area, including Houston, The Woodlands, Conroe and Sugar Land.

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A Worker Shoveling Asphalt
  • Not every asphalt paving company claiming to work with asphalt does it right! Our approach to quality begins with the premium quality materials we use and ends with a highly trained team of asphalt paving professionals.
  • Our new asphalt services are a crack, pothole and crumbling resistant product. Provided you maintain it with a good sealcoat every few years, it’ll give you years of hassle free use.
A Worker Paving Wet Concrete
  • All our concrete and asphalt repairs are based on a complete site assessment. Our first goal is to understand the bigger picture of what’s happening to your paving and why. 
  • We can address any problem you’ll encounter with asphalt and concrete: cracks, potholes, drifting slabs, surface erosion, degradation of the underlying substrate — you name it. 
  • We have a professional asphalt contractors who offer quality services and understand local materials and conditions. 
Asphalt Sealcoating
  • Quick, inexpensive and aesthetically pleasing sealcoating provided for any surface area — from small touchups of a residential walkway to large commercial parking lots.
  • We apply an additional layer of polymer sealant to ensure your blacktop remains UV, chemical and rain resistant for as long as possible.
  • Thorough post-sealcoat site assessment, to ensure we get everything just right. 
  • Stamping, staining and textured finishes are all available. We can also provide specialist high traction texturing to ensure your rain-exposed and high foot traffic areas are as safe as possible.
  • All our concrete services are resistant to surface erosion, slab drifting and gradual deterioration. Our work will give you years of pothole, crack and damage free use. 
Workers for Laying Asphalt or Concrete
  • We offer a huge assortment of finishing options. We can match any new or repaired paving to your existing concrete or asphalt materials, offering a slick, professional frontage for your commercial property.
  • Baytown Paving Pros will ensure your paving is viable for commercial use: it’ll be built to withstand high foot traffic, heavy vehicle use and lots of wear and tear. 
  • We have years of experience in parking lot maintenance and striping for large and small businesses in the Houston area.
Asphalt Paving Equipment
  • Our concrete and asphalt driveways are durable, have curb appeal and are affordable. Triple threat!
  • Constructed quickly and professionally to a costing and schedule we agree on in advance. You’ll always know what you’re getting with Baytown Paving Pros. 
Beautiful Cement Driveway

Baytown Paving Pros are your trusted local paving professionals. We can deliver on any job you need, small or large. Commercial and residential clients are equally welcome. 

5 Baytown,TX Meetups for Freelancers Looking For Something Different

If you’re a freelancer or own your own business in Baytown, chances are you’re well acquainted with the thriving Baytown small business scene. There are so many ways you can network in Baytown. Small business groups abound. The challenge of meeting other business minded folks is less about finding a group, and more about choosing which one is right for you.

You may not have looked at Meetup though!

Meetup was once the preserve of people eager to build up their social connections. Whether you were single and looking to mingle or just a lonely person living in a new town, Meetup offered a simple and safe way to meet new people.

These days though, Meetup has expanded to include an interestingly specific variety of business focused groups — and while Baytown in particular isn’t necessarily a Meetup hotspot, there are hundreds of thriving groups within a 25 mile radius. So, if you’re working for yourself in the Baytown area, here’s ten Meetups might like to check out.


  1. Collabonauts Coworking

This group is based out of Clear Lake, a short drive from Baytown.

A melting pot of creatives, developers and “solopreneurs,” Collabonauts is a haven for those of a freelancing bent. A big plus of this group in particular is that it has over 250 members. That’s unusually large for groups dedicated to the work from home lifestyle!

It also makes an effort to set up a casual social environment, making it much easier to fall into easy conversations about how to make freelancing work in and around Baytown.

The biggest draw though for those who get tired of the isolation of home-based work is that they offer regular coworking meetups. Meeting and working alongside other freelancers doesn’t just make your working week a bit more social, it also gives you that awesome opportunity to “accidentally” network.


  1. Baytown Chess Club

Baytown’s chess club has to be one of the larger chess groups in the area; with over 150 active members.

So, why chess? Chess is a great networking backdrop precisely because it’s not everyone’s cup of tea! People who are into a quietly cerebral game like chess are likely to be curious about their opponents and inclined to seeing such people as kindred spirits. These are all the preconditions you need to fall into some excellent networking conversations.

Also, chess is an oddly emotional and gripping phenomenon, for those who’ve succumbed to the game’s charms. Sharing a good game of chess is a shared emotional experience, and it sets up a good foundation for lasting productive relationships.

The club is located in Jason’s Deli in a fun part of Baytown, making it a nice and central spot for Baytown chess playing locals. Check it out!


  1. Houston Speed Networking Meetup

In a hurry? Just want to get straight to the business side of things without all the preliminary niceties? This speed networking deal might be the ideal choice.

With a huge 250 member base, this is a great meetup option for Baytown locals seeking to expand into surrounding markets.

As an added plus, this group makes a point of calling out freelancers, startups and small business raconteurs. It’s the perfect way to get to know a large cohort of like-minded people in a hurry. With its expansive membership base, you’ll be bound to meet people who operate in and around Baytown too.


  1. Baytown Girls Night Out

OK, obviously, this is one for the women only! The Girls Night Out Meetup is an excellent networking opportunity, precisely because it’s all about doing anything but talking about work.

The goal of this group is to go find fun things to do in and around Baytown: dinner, movies, happy hours, wineries, festivals … you get the idea.

What you’re building by going to such events is camaraderie, and in business as well as pleasure, that counts for a lot. By regularly spending some easy social time at the Baytown Girls Night Out, you’re building up relationships with Baytown locals. Who knows at what point one of those connections turns into a valuable business opportunity?


  1. Poised and Polished Professionals

This meetup group offers a nice blend of social and professional. The idea behind this group is to offer a social outlet for people of a professional mindset. The events it holds are often geared toward encouraging good conversation. So, think less movies or loud sporting events and more quiet cocktail evenings or heading out to a good restaurant.

The big draw if you’re living in a smaller place like Baytown is that this group gives you immediate access to close to 800 professionals in and around the Baytown area. That’s a big deal if you’re working for yourself!


If you’re a freelancer or running your own business in Baytown, the work can get isolating. Joining Meetup and getting involved with local professional groups is a great way of combating that. It may just yield that next big business lead as well!