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Commercial Paving

Orange Cones on an Asphalt Road

Our company has been in business for years. We’ve established a reputation as Baytown’s premier paving provider, especially for large and commercial installations. A big part of the reason for this: thanks to our equipment, staff and materials we’re able to work at scale. 

If you compare our work to what you’ll get from smaller providers, we offer three big advantages. 


1. Speedy and Efficient Construction

 Getting a paving job done fast is crucial for almost all our commercial clients. This is especially the case for businesses investing in a new parking lot. The last thing you need is service interruption, or a prolonged period in which your commercial frontage looks like a construction zone. 

Our company is all about speed.

We have a large and dedicated team. Our equipment is chosen for its suitability for concrete and asphalt paving exclusively. We can work flexible hours to ensure a construction timeframe is as brief as possible.

The outcome for you: fewer hours of service interruption and a speedy return to business as usual. 


2. Commercial Grade Installations

You generally can’t pave a commercial area in the same way you’d pave a residential one. 

At the very least, you’re going to need thicker layers in high wear areas and possibly greater support to ensure heavy vehicle traffic doesn’t rip into your paving.

We aim to provide a commercially paved surface which doesn’t just look great in the first year. We engineer our concrete and asphalt paving to provide a functional and attractive surface for the long haul. 


3. Baytown Paving Pros is a Professional Outfit

We don’t just care about our product. We care about how we do business.

Every project is carefully assessed prior to installation and a detailed costing, construction plan and schedule is provided in advance. 

We make sure our clients are dealing with a known quantity.

Don’t leave your concrete or asphalt paving to chance. Our commercial grade installations will provide you with years of pothole, crack and crumbling free use.

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