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Asphalt & Concrete Repair

Two Workers Repairing Asphalt and Concrete

If you ever notice cracks or other superficial damage in your asphalt or concrete, you might be tempted to put this job down near the end of your ever-expanding to-do list. We get it! There’s always way more to do than our precious time and budget allows. 

Do yourself a favor though and don’t delay too long. Asphalt and concrete repair is relatively straightforward and inexpensive if you get to it early, but the longer you wait the harder and more expensive it becomes to fix.

Baytown Paving Pros have been fixing potholes, patching cracks and repairing surface damage in concrete and asphalt for years. We specialize in these materials and know what we’re doing. If you have a paving issue requiring attention and you’re in the Baytown area, our company can help you.


What Can We Repair?

We’re equipped to take on any asphalt or concrete problem you can throw at us, including large potholes, erosion of the layer beneath the outer paving surface, repairing cracks and impact damage.


Industry Leading Equipment and Expertise

Baytown Paving Pros doesn’t mess about when it comes to equipment, manpower or preparation.

Because we’re paving specialists, we own all our equipment and maintain it onsite. This makes a huge difference in the quality of paving we can provide.

Our team isn’t composed of generalist contractors. All our people know paving, and understand the challenges of concrete and asphalt installation which apply to Baytown and its surrounds. 

Every part of our work is quality assured, with a construction manager taking personal responsibility for a good outcome on every project we complete. 

The result for you: high quality paving which will stand the test of time. 


 Professionals You Can Trust

Work with us and you’ll be getting access to paving professionals with years of experience. We’ll present you with a costing, construction plan and work schedule before commencing work — and we’ll stick by it. 

If you have potholes, cracks or other concrete or asphalt damage, is your best local choice.

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